Before Adam There Were Other People Already Here

When the planet earth was restored and capable of sustaining life the Sons of God returned to the earth. They chose women to wife from the population of the people already there.

There was much going on before Adam’s time. The story of Adam tells of the creation of man. Yet there were many people already here and living in the lands outside of Eden and beyond.

The story of Adam tells of the creation of woman. That woman was created from the same species as Adam. A rib was taken from Adam as he slept.The creator of Adam takes the rib away to somewhere for a period of time.Then one day, the woman is presented to the man Adam. He named her Eve.

The place called Eden was a paradise oasis on the planet earth.It contained rivers, animals, plants, and fruit. It had everything provided for the comfort of the beings known as Adam and Eve. Outside of Eden there were wilderness lands. Civilizations of people and Giants populated these lands.

Adam and Eve betrayed the trust of their creator and keeper and they were both expelled from this perfect environment called Eden.

It was a harsh environment outside and they had to learn to survive.Soon children were born to them. Cain was the eldest and Abel was his sibling. One day when they were older, Abel was in the field minding the sheep. That day Cain came upon Abel suddenly and he killed him.

When his deed was discovered Cain was expelled from his father’s home. He left there and traveled to the land of Nod that was east of Eden. There he took a wife, settled and had a family.


(Gen. 1:1-31); (Gen, 2:7-17); (Gen. 3:24); (Jude 6:7); (Enoch Book 1, the Watchers Chap. 6:6).

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Dr. Sandra Ann Mowery




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