The Genetic Engineering of the Coming Race



Historian Arnold Toynbee used the phrase “time of troubles” to describe the chaos that accompanies the disintegration of civilizations. The prophet Daniel wrote, “And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time.” From a historian’s point of view, many agree that we are now living in that “time of troubles.”

We are vulnerable to any number of potential disasters—economic collapse, nuclear war, crime, pollution, toxic wastes, dangerous new technologies, destructive weather patterns, floods, famines; and including the genetic engineering of the coming race.

The Human Fertilization and Embryology Act (HFEA) of 2008, Parliamentary Briefing two, allows the creation of four different types of human-animal hybrid embryos. It is clear that the government’s aim is eventually to allow the creation of GM (Genetically Modified) children.

These embryos are not ninety nine percent human. Until the blastocyst stage the vast majority of the material in the embryo is of animal origin. Gradually the human genes will be turned on at a much later stage. At the early embryo stage is the least appropriate moment to claim that the DNA determines the embryo composition and species identity.

This bill permits the creation of GM embryos with genes from any species. GM embryos have received almost no public attention. The ethical and social issues they raise are far more important than the other types. While the other embryos are only for research purposes, the government’s own documents show that allowing GM embryos is in order to all the development of safe technology for creating GM children which it wants to legalize in a few years. In fact the government initially proposed to take the step of allowing GM children through regulations.

The ethical case against HGM rests on three points: HGM is medically unnecessary but if permitted will immediately be used to make designer babies. The market will be genetically enhanced children, just as drugs and surgery are used today. Genetically enhanced children will be another commodity. HGM would soon become the basis for a new eugenics, the genetic engineering of the coming race.

The human genome was mapped in 2003. The world’s first GM babies were born after a series of fertility experiments in the United States. This was revealed on June 29, 2012. The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science (IRMS) located in Santa Barnabas, New Jersey conducted the fertility program.

Two of the one year old infants have the genes of three parents, two women and one man. The woman undergoing infertility treatments had a defective gene in her mitochondria. They inserted mitochondria from donor’s eggs into her eggs; and they added the DNA from sperm cells. Two babies were successfully created with the DNA of three parents. Long term effects are yet to be seen.

About six miles outside of Reno, Nevada there is a farm. Jason Chamberlain looks over a flock of fifty sheep. These sheep possess partially human organs such as livers, hearts, and brains. The University of Nevada-Reno researcher is planning to euthanize one of the pregnant sheep. He is anxious to examine the effects of the human cells he had injected into the fetus’ sheep’s brain a few months ago.

The new ethics guidelines of the National Academics issued a report that endorses research that co-mingles human and animal tissue as vital to ensuring that experimental drugs and new tissue replacement therapies are safe for people.

The biological co-mingling of animal and human is now evolving into even more exotic and unsettling mixes of species, evoking the Greek myth of the monstrous chimers that were a combination of lion, goat and serpent.

In the last few years, scientists have created pigs with human blood. They have fused rabbit eggs with human DNA and injected human stem cells to make paralyzed mice walk. A nightmare scenario could arise from the mixing of brain cells. Stanford University endorsed a proposal to create mice with brains made of human brain cells. Stanford law professor Hank Greely who chaired the ethics committee was satisfied that the size and shape of the mouse brain would prevent the human cells from creating any traits of humanity. Just in case if the mice’s behavior begins to display human-like behavior it is to be destroyed.

There is the mixing of human cells with embryos from monkeys and other primates. Professor Stewart Newman of the New York Medical College said, “The boundary is going to push further into larger animals; and that is asking for trouble.”

Professor Newman and anti-biotechnology activist Jeremy Rifkin have been tracking this issue for the last decade. They were behind a creative assault on both interspecies mixing and the government’s policy of patenting individual human genes and other living matter. A few years ago the two applied for a patent for what they called a “humanzee,” a probable creation half human and half chimpanzee. Their application was denied. The Patent and Trademark office ruled the proposed invention was too human.  The constitution prohibits against slavery and prevents the patenting of people. Newman and Rifkin were pleased because they never intended to create the creature; and instead wanted to use their application to protest what they see as science and commerce turning people into commodities.

In the New York Times scientists announce cows are being cloned in a new way. January 1998 Genzyme Transgenics created transgenic cattle. They were named George and Charlie. The human genes were spliced with bovine cells. The cattle were cloned to make milk that contains human proteins; such as the blood clotting factor needed by hemophiliacs.

A chimera is a hybrid creature that is part human and part animal, a parahuman. Some examples of human chimeras are rabbit eggs with human cells. This was a successful experiment in 2003 by the Shanghai Second Medical University. Pigs with human blood flowing through them, was successfully completed in 2009 at the Minnesota Mayo Clinic. Mice with human brains are in the experimental stage 2010 at Stanford University.

A cybrid is when an animal egg is fertilized by a human sperm.

There are animal-animal hybrids. This is when the genes of two or more animals are mixed to create another organism. On July 7th, 2008 there washed up on the Montauk, Long Island shore the remains of a hybrid creature that was a mix of three or more animals. It looked like it had a dog’s body. Its head was like a large bird’s head with a beak. There were sharp teeth in its jaw with long protruding canine’s fang teeth. It was naked of fur except for a few wisps near its head. There appears to be the image of a malformed appendage near the top of its head. Its eyes and ears were not developed. It appeared to have a third deformed leg between the two hind legs. It had two legs in front. It had a penis and testicles. There was a tail. The body was hairless.  (Image available online).

There are other hybrid creatures that have been discovered similar to the Montauk monster. There is the Beast of Tenby, Wales.  February 28th 2013 the Huffington Post covered a story about a hideous carcass that washed up on a beach in Wales. It had a head like a horse, claws like a bear, mostly hairless, and it had sharp canine teeth. Another story about the Brooklyn Bridge monster was news on July 26, 2012. The tide washed up a carcass found under the Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. It was a grisly, and grotesque. It looks like a cross between a pig and a dog. The Seal Beach, California monster story came out on July 26, 2012. The tide deposited a bloated carcass on Seal Beach. It was discovered by a woman walking her dog. The feet were like dogs. Its hands were small. Its fingers were long like a raccoon. The head was like a dog’s head, but the snout and nose were like a raccoons. The tail was like a dog’s tail. It was later buried in the sand on the beach.

There are human-animal hybrids (chimeras). One was found north of Connecticut on Plum Island’s S.W. beach in mid-January in 2010. It was six foot two mutilated male. He was of large build. The corpse was dressed in a short sleeved shirt, boxer shorts and khaki trousers. He was human-like with long spindly fingers. He had five holes drilled into his head.

Plum island research facility is under Homeland Security. It says it is an animal research facility that finds cures for diseases. This facility was founded by the Nazi scientist Eric Traud. He started the lab after world war two. What he did there was to continue his research of biological warfare. There were GM diseases created. Eric Traud’s experiments involved injecting viruses into ticks and releasing them. The ticks would hitch a ride on birds who would return to the mainland. The ticks would infect animals and people.

The federal government lists those diseases in a document form 2005. They are labeled terror agent bio-diseases. These are diseases that can affect humans. Many of these diseases can cross over from animals, insects to humans and infect them.

The terror-agent diseases created by the government are anthrax, lymes disease, bird flu (coronal virus), mad cow disease (holes in brains) desert (valley) fever, tularemia (rabbit fever, rodent fever and deer fly fever), Haunta virus that causes hemorrhaging and kidney failure,  foot and mouth disease; and cholera to mention a few. The Depart of Defense patented the strain of Lymes disease (pathogenic mycoplasma). The inventor is Lo, Skyh-ching. The agency is the American Registry of Pathology, Washington, DC. The application number is 71361; and is dated June 6, 1919.

Bio-terror cannot be seen or felt. The carriers of these biological terror agents are people, birds, insects like mosquitos and ticks, and the air or wind.

Our government is doing bio-warfare on Americans. The government could itself be called a domestic terrorist.






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The Book of Giants (Dead Sea Scrolls) is an apocryphal Jewish book discovered at Qumran. The text is dated to before the 2nd century BCE.

Before Noah’s flood, there was a Giant called Ogias. He has been identified with the Giant King Og of Bashan. The Giant King of Sihon and Ogias were brothers. They were the sons of Semjaza (Lucifer), the leader of the 200 who came to the earth. These were the ones who created the race of the Giants.

Before the biblical deluge, a Giant named Ogias fought a Great Dragon. The Giants Gilgamish and Enkidu helped Ogias slay the Monster Leviathan Dragon.

The Jewish version of the story tells us that Ogias swore to serve Noah and his descendants for all time. Noah agrees to allow him to join him on the ark. A place was prepared for Ogias near a lattice door of the ark (1). Every day, through this lattice door Ogias received his food The Giant Ogias survived Noah’s flood. He lived for 5,000 years.

According to Mohammedan tradition, Ogias was a son of Noah’s sister and survived his uncle Noah fifteen hundred years. Later he was killed by Moses (2).

The story of Ogias’ death is told. Ogias saw the camp of the Israelites, six parasangs (24 miles) in circumference. He feared that his fate would be a repetition of the fate of his brother Sihon. Therefore, he planned to kill them all at once.

He broke off a mountain and lifted it above his head to throw it upon the Israelites. But God sent a worm which bored a hole into the mountain. It fractured and fell upon his neck. His teeth become imbedded in it. Moses then took a mace and he beat the ankles of Ogias until he died (3). The Arabic historians relate similar stories.

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By Dr. Sandra Ann Mowery




Ajax or Aias was a Greek hero. He is called the greater Ajax. He was the son of Telamon the king of the island of Salamis. Telamon was the son of Aeacus and the grandson of Zeus and his first wife Periboea. Ajax is the cousin of Achilles and is the elder half-brother of Teucer. Many illustrious Athenians, including Cimon, Miltiades, Alcibiades and the historian Thucydides, traced their descent from Ajax.

Maggiani the Italian scholar recently showed that on an Etruscan tomb dedicated to Racvi Satlnei in Bologna (5th century BC) there is a writing that says: “aivastelmunsl” which means the family of Ajax Telamon.

Ajax is described as a colossal man of great-stature. Vicious, fearless, strong and powerful Ajax had a very high level of combat intelligence. The strongest of all the Achaeans he was known as the ‘bulwark of the Mycenaeans’. He and Achilles were trained by the centaur Chiron. Chiron also trained his father Telamon, and Achilles father Peleus.

Ajax is the most valuable warrior in Agamemnon’s army. He commands an army wielding a huge shield made of seven cow-hides with a layer of bronze. Ajax is not wounded in any of the battles described in the Iliad.

In the Iliad, Ajax is chosen by lot to meet Hector in a duel which lasts the entire day. Ajax gets the better of Hector and wounds him with his huge spear and then he knocks him down with a large stone. Hector fights on regaining his strength. Zeus calls a draw.

Later on, in a second fight with Hector occurs when Hector breaks into the Mycenaean camp and fights with the Greeks among the ships. Ajax throws a giant boulder at Hector which nearly kills him. The god Apollo restores Hector’s strength and he resumes his attack on the ships.

Wielding an enormous spear, Ajax leaps from ship to ship and holds off the Trojan armies. Hector is determined to burn the ships. They duel. Hector manages to disarm Ajax. Realizing that Hector is clearly favoring Hector, Ajax is forced to retreat. Only one ship was burned. Ajax and Menelaus succeed in fighting off the Trojans.

As the Iliad comes to a close Ajax is alive. Later on, with the help of Apollo, Achilles is killed by Paris. Ajax and Odysseus are the heroes who fight the Trojans to get Achilles body. They bury the body next to his friend Patroclus.

The armor of Achilles is awarded to the next greatest Greek hero. Ajax expected to receive the armor. Instead, it was awarded to Odysseus. Hearing this Ajax went mad and tried to kill his comrades. The goddess Athena tricked Ajax into thinking the cattle were his allies. He kills all the cattle and realizes his has been tricked. Disgraced, Ajax kills himself with his sword.

By Dr. Sandra Ann Mowery

The Sea Peoples

The Philistines were a people who occupied the southern coast of Canaan at the beginning of the Iron Age (c.1175 B.C.) around the time of the arrival of the Israelites. Their territory is also called Philistia. They were a powerful people and arch enemies of Israel.

The Philistine territory included five large city states known as the Philistine Pentapolis. These were Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gath. These lands were also occupied by the Giants.

The Philistine territory extended from Gaza in the south to the Yarqon River in the north, with no fixed border to the east. Each of the five city states were ruled by the Seranim, five ruling Lords who acted together for their common good.

The Sea Peoples were a coalition of foreign enemies who repeatedly attacked Egypt. The Sea Peoples included the Philistines, the Tjeker, the Shekelesh, the Deyen, the Weshesh, the Teresh and the Sherden.

In the year 1175 B.C. the Egyptians were threatened with a huge land and sea invasion by the Sea Peoples. Ramses III fought them in Djahi on the eastern Mediterranean coast, and at the mouths of the rivers of the Nile delta. The Sea Peoples were defeated. Ramses III had his victories recorded in a series of inscriptions in his mortuary temple at Medinet Habu.

(Josh. 13:3); (Judges 3:3); (2Kings 17:31) Wikipedia; The Onomasticon of Amenope; The Harris Papyrus.


Dr. Sandra Ann Mowery




The Gittites

And there was again a battle in Gob with the immense Philistine army against the ill-equipped Israelites. Mighty races of Giants known as the Gittites were on the front lines. They were a formidable threat. Mighty and great were these men. Deadly and definite were their methods.

Goliath and his two brothers were famous for their skills and conquests in battles. Imposing and threatening they crushed their victims. Towering in height of more than thirteen feet tall, their presence was a formidable threat to anyone in their path.

The Philistines controlled the iron and brass smelts in the land.The Israelite slaves made the Philistine’s armor, swords and staffs. They also made the armor for their Giant warriors.

Goliath’s helmet was made of brass. His coat of mail weighed five thousand shekels of brass, or two hundred pounds. He wore greaves of brass in the front of his legs bound with leather thongs around his calves and ankles. He wore a plate of brass between his shoulders and over his chest.

Goliath’s shield of brass was large enough to cover his entire body and it was carried before him into battle by a man. The spear head alone weighed six hundred shekels of Iron, or eight pounds, and its shaft was like a weaver’s beam.

There were other Giants who were champions of the Philistine army.The Giant Ishbibenob was girded with a new sword, and he wielded a spearhead weighing one hundred shekels of brass, or four pounds. There was the Giant Saph who was slain at a battle in Gob.

The Giant called the “Man of Great Stature” had upon each hand six fingers, and upon each foot he had six toes. He was a Giant born of a Giant. Rapha the Giant was the father of Ishbibenob and Saph and “The Man of Great Stature”. Rapha is the father of the Race of Giants called the Rephaim.


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Dr. Sandra Ann Mowery

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Angels Rule Various Planets

All the angels have their natural estate with their creator who is the ruler of the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is a planet. Angels were appointed to rule the various planets. The angel Lucifer was appointed to rule the planet earth.

Lucifer’s kingdom on the planet earth was under the clouds, under the stars and under heaven itself. He had a throne and he ruled the nations of the earth. Lucifer was created a perfect angelic being without imperfection or iniquity found in him. He was a favorite son of his father.

This period of time was when the earth was new. This was before the planetary deluge that rendered the entire planet inert. This was before the restored earth and long before Adams time.

Lucifer the son of God was not satisfied with his earthly kingdom. Things on earth were not going very well. The nations were in a state of chaos. Lucifer was rebellious. He decides that he deserves better. The Kingdom of Heaven and its grand planetary throne was his target. Once he conquered it, then he would become the greatest ruler in the Universe.

Lucifer states his strategy to his angel cohorts. He details his plan of attack. His intention is to overthrow its supreme ruler, the Lord and King of Heaven. He gathers up his legions of angels. They leave the planet earth for the planet Heaven which is located in the northern part of the universe pointing away from the earth.

They attacked the planet Heaven. The battle raged fierce. They fought hard and long only to lose the war. They were completely defeated. Sanctions were placed upon them. Their kingdom on earth was cursed. They were forever banned from their natural home the planet Heaven.

They were exiled. No longer were they considered citizens of the planet Heaven. Never again were they permitted to look upon the face of God.

Lucifer and his angels returned to the earth defeated. It was not long before chaos erupted upon the earth. The planet became disruptive. Lucifer and his angels left the earth. The sanctions upon the earth were taking place. The entire planet was totally submerged in water. All civilizations were destroyed.

The earth was darkened and void of life. This was called Lucifer’s flood.

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The Sons of God

In the dateless past the world was totally immersed in water.

This was a catastrophic planetary deluge that rendered the earth inhabitable. Civilizations were destroyed. No one survived, except those who left the planet.

After a very long period of time the planet recovered and was able to support life. Those who left the planet earth returned. They came from outside of this world and landed upon a mountain top located at the northern boundary of the Kingdom of Og. They named it Mount Hermon.

They came from outside of this world. There were two hundred of them and their leader. They were intelligent, supernatural beings able to precipitate physical bodies that were compatible to this planet.

They were supreme and god-like to the people here. They had powers which no man had ever seen. They came from the sky to the earth. There presence was awesome.

Upon the mountain they made a pact to settle upon the planet. They would take mortal wives from the daughters of men. Each would have families and father children with these women. They were all in agreement.

The women became pregnant and they bare many children. These Hybrid children had human and supernatural attributes. They grew to be very tall and mighty beings whose height was three thousand ells, or seventeen feet, eight inches. They were called the Giants who roamed the earth.

(Gen. 6:1-8); (Dt. 3:8-10); (Enoch Book 1 The Watchers Chap. 6:6; 7:1-6; 15:4-7; 19:1-3).

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In The Dateless Past The Earth Was Inhabited

Before the earth that is now, there was the earth that was then.

This period is designated as the dateless past. It is the world that was before the earth was restored.

During that time there were advanced nations and civilizations. A one-world leader was the overlord. He was appointed to rule the planet earth. He was a prince of the King of Kings who ruled the planet Heaven. Therefore, he was not of this earth.

There was chaos on the earth among the nations. The social and economic structures were crumbling. There were wars and the people rebelled.

Things were unraveling on the earth.

The ruler of the earth over all of the nations plans to leave the planet earth and return to the planet Heaven. This is not intended to be a friendly father and son visit. Unsatisfied with his earthly kingdom beneath Heaven, he felt that it was also beneath him. He had a lot of self-pride and he wanted more.

His mission is to attack the planet Heaven, to overthrow his father the King of Kings, and claim the Kingdom of Heaven for himself. He would declare himself the King of Kings and ruler of the universe. It will be a planetary war.

He details his strategy. The ruler of the earth and his legions leave the planet earth for the planet Heaven. They attacked the planet and a great war was fought. The war is won by the legions of the planet Heaven. The King of Kings is the Victor.

The Kingdom of Heaven is secured.

The ruler of earth and his legions were defeated. They were forever unwelcome on the planet Heaven. They were forbidden to ever look upon the face of the King of Kings. There were sanctions placed upon the ruler of the earth. His kingdom on the planet was cursed and all would be completely destroyed. The leader and two hundred of his kind did not return to the earth because they knew of its fate.

On the planet earth changes and weather changes were taking place. The earth quaked and rolled. The planet tilted on its axis. The global waters moved over the land and covered beyond the mountain tops. The entire planet became totally submerged. The sun, moon and stars did not shine their light. The planet was unable to sustain life. All was silent and still.

(Gen. 1:1-2); (Ezek. 28:11-19); (Isa. 14:12-14); (Isa. 45:18); (Jer. 4:23-26).

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Before Adam There Were Other People Already Here

When the planet earth was restored and capable of sustaining life the Sons of God returned to the earth. They chose women to wife from the population of the people already there.

There was much going on before Adam’s time. The story of Adam tells of the creation of man. Yet there were many people already here and living in the lands outside of Eden and beyond.

The story of Adam tells of the creation of woman. That woman was created from the same species as Adam. A rib was taken from Adam as he slept.The creator of Adam takes the rib away to somewhere for a period of time.Then one day, the woman is presented to the man Adam. He named her Eve.

The place called Eden was a paradise oasis on the planet earth.It contained rivers, animals, plants, and fruit. It had everything provided for the comfort of the beings known as Adam and Eve. Outside of Eden there were wilderness lands. Civilizations of people and Giants populated these lands.

Adam and Eve betrayed the trust of their creator and keeper and they were both expelled from this perfect environment called Eden.

It was a harsh environment outside and they had to learn to survive.Soon children were born to them. Cain was the eldest and Abel was his sibling. One day when they were older, Abel was in the field minding the sheep. That day Cain came upon Abel suddenly and he killed him.

When his deed was discovered Cain was expelled from his father’s home. He left there and traveled to the land of Nod that was east of Eden. There he took a wife, settled and had a family.


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The Hybrid Race

The Giants were real and they walked the earth. These creatures were a mixture of the genes of their fathers who were alien to the earth who mated with the mortal women of this earth. They were not like ordinary men. They were a new race introduced upon this planet.

It was not long before the Giants increased their population. There were both male and female Giants. When they mated they produced more Giants. The population of the Giants increased throughout all of the land of Canaan. They were already present and occupied these lands since the time when the Sons of God returned to the restored earth and fathered the Giants.

There were many races of this hybrid species. They occupied many lands. The Giants were not like ordinary men. Their genetics were half alien and half human. Their characteristics were different. All of them were very tall and very large. Everything about them was on a grand scale.

The Giants had their own cities built to accommodate their size. They had their own lands and they had their Giant kings. The people lived among them in the ancient lands. Many shepherded and farmed the lands occupied and ruled by the Giants. The ruler kings took a share of the harvest and the people had their share.

The size of the Giants was no less than three times the size of a six foot man. They were fearsome and intimidating to all who beheld them. They had bad tempers and they were well known for their huge appetites. When food was scarce it was not uncommon for the Giants to devour people.

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